The Fall Season of MDA will start Sunday, September 8 and will run until November 30, 2013. The
Winter Season will start the day after, on December 1. The Fall Season will consist of 12 weeks.
Programs and Fees   
Off Season Elite:
            1m, 3m and platform, plus conditioning, dryboard, tramp and spotting. In the
fall:                                        high school boys 13+ and non-par girls; in the winter: high school girls 13+
and                                         non-par boys.
             5 practices per week. (Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu)                                
             Registration is with Coach's approval only.                                        
             $1,000.00 for 12 week season (13 hrs per week)                                        
In Season Elite:        
             3m and platform only (1m only as needed for lead-ups), plus
conditioning,                                                  dryboard, tramp and spotting.
             In the fall, high school girls - 13+; in the winter, high school boys,
13+                                                          2 practices per week. (Sun, Wed)                                                
             $550.00 for 12 week season (5.5 hrs per week)                                        
Junior Elite:        
              1m, 3m and introduction to platform, plus conditioning, dryboard, tramp
and                                               spotting.         
              6-12 years of age.                                                        
              4 practices per week. (Sun, Mon, Tue, Thu)                                        
              $850.00 for 12 week season (8.5 hrs per week)                                        
HS Enrichment:        
              1m only, plus dryboard and tramp, no spotting.                                        
              High school age divers preparing for their seasons.                                
              3 practices per week. (Mon, Wed, Thu)                                        
              $750.00 for 12 week season (6 hrs per week)                                        
Learn-to-Dive Lessons:        
             1m and 3m, with intro to platform, plus dryboard and tramp, no
spotting.                                                      Offered two days per week. (Sun, Thu)                                        
             6 students per one-hour lesson.                                                
             $250.00 for 12 one-hour classes                                                
Annual Club Membership Fee   
Each athlete is required to pay an Annual Club Membership Fee. The club fee covers the appropriate
membership fees for United States Diving (according to the athlete's diving level), training equipment
fees (each year MDA purchases equipment - diving boards, mats, etc. - for use at the U of M Aquatic
Center), parties and meetings, etc. The membership year at MDA, as at USA Diving, runs from
September 1 though August 31. Therefore, all divers registering in the 2013 Fall Season will be
required to submit their annual membership fee:
* Off Season Elite, In Season Elite, and Junior Elite participants        $160.00                                 
* High School Enrichment and Lessons participants                            $85.00                                 
Payment of Fees                 
We are currently working to be able to accept credit card payments (VISA, MasterCard) for your
convenience. We hope to have credit card processing in place before the Fall Season begins. As
always, we accept cash and personal checks. If you wish to pay by credit card, please complete all of
your registration forms, but hold your payments until we have more word on the processing service.
Because of the fees associated with accepting credit cards, we will add a 3% fee to all credit card
payments. As always, MDA accepts personal checks and cash, as well.
Weekly Practice Schedule and Times
                            Mon             Tues                 Wed                 Thurs           Fri            Sun                        
Off Season Elite:           5:30-8pm         5:30-8pm         5:30-8pm         5:30-8pm                    
In Season Elite:                                                               5:30-8pm                                             
Junior Elite:                  5:30-8pm          5:30-8pm                                  5:30-8pm                    
HS Enrichment:            6-8pm                                         6-8pm              6-8pm                                        
Learn-To-Dive Lessons:                                                                          6-7, 7-8pm                11-12,